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God's Little Children

I have a message for you friends
I want you all to hear
A message from the throne of God
'Bout something He holds dear
It is His little children
Who are scattered far and wide
He says to you remember
There's an angel by their side


And God says, Woe to any man
Who offends these little ones
It would be better for that man
If he had not been born
A stone was hung about his neck
And in the sea was tossed
Take warning you who do such things

           You surely will be lost.

God says, "love my little children
I made them every one
Red and yellow, black and white
To run beneath the sun
I'm watching o're them all the day
And through the long dark night
Mother, Father friend of mine
Make sure you lead them right."


Remember now each one of you
The words of this song hear
You are one of God's children
And He loves you each one dear
Bur from your evil deeds you must
Repent and on Him call
He's promised to forgive and cleanse
And save you from your fall.