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I Am Seeking That Land


I am seeking a land
That is made by God's hand
And the people

In that land are free
Where the curse is no more
We are safe on God's shore
And with Jesus forever we'll be.


Only those who are true

Will ever be there
Only those who from sin

Have been set free
It's a land of the blest

And a land of sweet rest
And it's waiting for you

And for me. 

From the prophets of old,
His story is told
Of that city
Where never comes night
And our Saviour is there,

We'll be free from all care
And forever we'll walk

In His light.


Soon those gates will open wide
There God's people will abide
We shall stand

On that great crystal sea
Oh my friend hear His call
Won't you give Him your all
It was His blood was shed

For you and me.