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I Have A Hope

That Rises Higher


 I have a hope that rises higher
Than those clouds way up above
For the hope I have is Jesus
Precious gift of God's own love
He has saved me from destruction
And claimed me as His own
He's coming back in glory
I'll see Him on His throne.


Yes I have a hope that rises higher
And higher every day
For the hope I have is Jesus
He is the living way.

Many place their hope in pleasure
In wealth and worldly fame
And the devil sits back on his throne
Laughs as he plays his game
But my hope is in Jesus

I praise His lovely Name
For ever and for ever
And ever He is the same.


This old world is growing older
And older every day
And like a moldy garment
It soon will pass away
But my hope is in Jesus
He's coming soon I know
Oh give your heart to Him friend
For I know He loves you so.